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The race to light up the last village

Jalan Singh, 30, has not removed the cardboard carton that protects the sides of his new Godrej refrigerator. You cannot miss the striking red cooling machine in the room. Having spent Rs.12,000 on it, Singh is proud of his acquisition. Sixty-nine years is a short time in an independent country’s life but it has been a long time for power to reach Singh’s village, Tanwarpura, an hour’s drive from Barmer city in Rajasthan. Power that arrived in the village two months ago, although erratic, nudged Singh to buy a refrigerator. He opens it to show it to us, but it’s empty. “The rains may have tripped some lines,” a government official offers an explanation. Rains did lash the village a few days ago. Having been consistent this year, they promise good harvest and some extra income. Singh’s spirits are not dampened by the temporary absence of electricity; he reels off his wish list: a fan, a cooler, and an atta chakki (flour mill)...

Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan farmers to exchange ideas to boost agriculture

In a move to promote innovation in agriculture sector, farmers of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh will exchange experiences based on new experiments being done in the field of farming in both the states.

“The two states have different climatic conditions as well as variety in types of soil. Exchanging new ideas and best practices will help farmers of both the states to combat challenges faced in agriculture sector, besides enhancing productivity,” an agriculture department official said on Friday...

India adds 3.6 GW to solar capacity

KOLKATA: India's total installed solar capacity has grown by over 80% in the last 12 months to reach 8.1 GW. Out of the 3.6 GW capacity added in this period, 2.7 GW has come from four southern states with Tamil Nadu alone adding over 1.2 GW. These six states account for 80% of the capacity added in India.

Data compiled by Bridge to India indicates that Tamil Nadu now ranks number 1 for commissioned capacity in both wind and solar. Feed in tariff for solar has been about Rs 7.01 unit...

Wind energy sector feels the heat as solar steals limelight

The increased focus on solar energy and recent policy changes, such as withdrawal of certain tax benefits in wind energy, could impact new investments in the latter and hamper India’s chances of achieving the target of 60 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy capacity by 2022, according to companies and analysts.

India has set itself the target of achieving 100GW of solar energy and 60GW of wind capacity by 2022. It currently has 27GW of wind and about 8GW of solar capacity installed. The country is adding solar capacity at its fastest pace and is attracting interest from global renewable energy firms, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. In 2015-16, for instance, it added over 3GW of solar capacity and 3.3GW of wind energy...

How Karnataka can benefit from Solar Power

The demand for Electric power in India is increasing by the day. In Karnataka too, the demand is more than the generation of power. That there are continuous power cuts through the day in villages is no news.

As on today, 90 % of hydro-electric energy is already commissioned and a little power can be added to the grid from rivers like Kaveri, Beadthi, Aghanashini etc, but there will be a lot of impact on Environment.

The alternate is thermal power. In our state, more than three thousand megawatts is already added to the grid. But in the thermal plant, there is a lot of impact on environment and disposal of bottom ash and fly ash is the main problem...

India’s PowerGrid beats global peers in high-voltage game

India's PowerGrid and a clutch of 35 domestic electrical equipment manufacturers have jointly developed a system for transmitting bulk power with a force of 1,200 kV (kilo volts), beating members of an elite club of 5-6 economies in the high-voltage transmission technology game.

To put things in perspective, the new system's transmission force is 5,454 times more than that of domestic power supply and 48 times more than the voltage - 25 kV, or 25,000 volts - at which electricity is supplied to locomotives through overhead wires...

India can become a manufacturing hub

We are talking about increasing manufacturing’s share in GDP from current 17.4% to 25% by 2025. What is the scale of output required and how can this be achieved? Consider the following details:

Even at 6% annual GDP growth rate, India by 2025 would need to expand its manufacturing value add (MVA) to US$ 837.7 billion and manufacturing gross output (MGO) to US$ 3.8 trillion to meet this target. Such large values will bring us in league of top manufacturing nations: China, United States, Germany, Japan and Korea. However, reaching there would require us to invest in the capabilities and products that go into the making of a true manufacturing nation...

India’s Grid-Connected Solar Power Capacity Tops 8 GW

India’s solar power sector achieved yet another milestone as the government continues to push for its ambitious 100 GW installed capacity target by 2022.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced that the total grid-connected solar power capacity in India has crossed the 8 GW mark at the end of the July 2016. As per the data released by the ministry, 29 states and union territories in India have operational grid-connected solar power projects...

Indian Light Electrical Equipment Industry: Major Focus on Growth in Industries for Various LV & HV Switchgears, 2019

The report titled “Indian Light LV & HV Switchgears Industry - Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” provides an insight into the production of various light LV & HV Switchgears with a major focus on growth in industries for various LV & HV Switchgears. The report assesses the market sizing and growth of the Indian Light Electrical Industry over the years with detailed analysis. This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments and technology advancement in the electric equipments sector. The report also discusses key factors driving growth of the industry, major trends and challenges faced by major players. Major players like Havells, Philips, V Guard Industries, Crompton Greaves and Bajaj Electricals analyzed in the report...

Electric Grid Transformation Is Key To Delivering On Paris Climate Commitments

Attending the annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2016 launch event in June, I watched BP Chief Economist Spencer Dale invoke lessons from history. “Even if renewables continue to grow faster than any other energy technology in history,” he said, “we are unlikely to meet carbon emissions reductions targets set in Paris last December.” On its own, ballooning investment in renewable energy technologies is simply not enough to accelerate the transition to a climate-compatible energy future. Instead, it is becoming clear that fundamental electricity grid transformation is key to delivering on Paris climate commitments...

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