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Building Electrification

New Installations and Annual maintenance contract (AMC) works

  • Supply & Release of LT/ Special LT power supply work on turnkey basis including liasoning with AVVNL, JVVNL and JDVVNL.
  • Supply installation, testing & commissioning of HT metering KIOSK, RMU, HT Breaker,Transformer, LT Control panel and DG set.
  • Supply, laying & joining of HT/ LT Cables.
  • Supply & erection of overhead 11KV / 22 KV/ 33 KV HT Lines.
  • Transformer oil filtration work.
  • Insulation and earth resistance testing.
  • Supply and installation of traditional/ chemical earthlings.
  • Maintenance of 2 pole/ 4 pole structures including painting of poles and structure.
  • To provide annual inspection reports required for electrical inspection department.
  • Supply & Erection of street light, Flood light and high mast.
  • Supply & installation of cable trays.
  • Supply & Installation of 11 KV/ 22 KV/ 33 KV GOD, DO & LA Set.
  • Supply & Installation of APFC Panels for power factor improvement.
  • Supply & Installation of Capacitor bank.
  • Liasoning for enhancement / Reduction in HT load.
  • Replacement of existing CTs in HT metering KIOSK by new CTs.
  • Supply, Installation, testing, statutory approvals & commissioning of Indoor/ Outdoor HT substations, on turnkey basis including liasoning with Discoms for the Supply & Release of HT Power Supply.
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